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  • 100% organic service available.
  • All spray services organically derived.
  • Spiderwebs removed on entire property.
  • Patio furniture and playgrounds inspected and treated for spiders.
  • Unlimited FREE Warranty between maintenance services!
  • Text message alerts before each service.
  • Licenced, bonded, and insured.
  • Technicians you trust around your home! We only use technicians we are happy to have around our own families.
  • Throrough background check on all employees.
  • GOOD SMELL GUARANTEE! If our technician smells like smoke or strong cologne let us know and you will receive a gift card or account credit.


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Sacramento is absolutely stuffed with ants, especially the Argentine ant and Odorous House ant.

Treating these complicated ants requires a completely different skill set than treating for other common ants.

We use specialized products and tools to guarantee the quickest possible elimination.


Our beautiful climate is ideal for spider development. The spiders stay fat and happy with the large amounts of insects that breed year round in California.

With no freeze off period, treating spiders is a year round job.

Successful elimination requires careful de-webbing and treatment to guarantee a great result!


Cochroaches are thigmotactic, meaning they prefer pressure all around their exoskeleton.

That means they love to cram in the smallest cracks and crevices around your home and lay eggs.

Treatment is a team effort! The kitchen must be spotless to guarantee an ideal result. We give detailed instructions with each service.


The only thing worse than a cockroach to find in your home is a mouse or rat!

For many, placing bait stations around a home and traps on the inside solves any interior issues.

For more persistent issues “home exclusion” is required, where any entry points are sealed up using a variety of methods.


Silverfish are unfortunately in nearly every home in Sacramento. If you don’t have them now, the only way to help prevent their infestation is regular exterior and interior treatments.

If they are in your home currently the goal will be to reduce their population, but as they live in the walls complete elimination is usually not a realistic goal.


The good news-earwigs and other beetles generally don’t want to be in your home!

Regular exterior treatment goes a long way to prevent most earwigs and beetles from getting into your home.

Often interior earwig problems are solved relatively quickly, and when combined with exterior maintenance a long term happy result is achived.


Don’t mosquitoes make your day a little bit worse? As with all flying pests, complete elimination is impossible, but significant reductions can be achieved through specialized treatments around your home.

Our mosquito treatment plan typically runs between March or April through October, but if your neighbor has a swamp brewing in their pool you may need a year-round plan.


The perennial bane of picnics and time spent in our yards, wasps absolutely thrive in Sacramento and all surrounding areas.

Complete elimination of wasps is impossible to guarantee because they can fly right over treated areas, but significant reductions are possible.

Overwatering your yard will attract all pests, especially wasps. On every maintenance treatment we remove wasp nests we find around the eves of the home and property.

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